Save resources with online invoicing software

Sure you have heard about depleting resources on earth. And trees are not a exclusion. It's the most poplar source for paper. Paper can be made from industrial hemp, but our world seems not to be ready for such change, so right now it's not a option. So I will speak on a more technological solution.

Maybe you don't really see a connection between this and your business on daily basis, but if you, for example, print a lot of invoices, it has to do a lot. And a global shift to a more digital solutions is a really a Must Be. My mobile services provider is already sending all invoices by email, so there is already a movement even in the big company's. And why not, if it saves so much resources and seems overall intelligent.

You my ask- but what if I own a small business that doesn’t really possess financial resources to obtain a big bookkeeping software and and spend additional resources on learning it. But that's a outdated point of view. There are a lot of invoicing online solutions out there that are specially meant for invoicing and with a price that will no way bankrupt you. And if you are right now sending invoices by paper, in a year or faster it will save or zero your costs anyway. So make the shift, save a tree and your time.

I must agree there are some problems with this route. Even a lot of online solutions are 100% invoicing oriented and called easy, they make you confused. And often it still takes a long time to start working with it (even some training courses). When I think about invoicing needs in my business, it sounds a little bit nonsense, but maybe it's just me...

So I was on a search for a simple, guided online solution and of course I found one or two. A little bit about the invoicing software I hang on to. As it is written on the page, the motto is “Invoicing should be easy”. I can just agree with that and have to say that in some way it can be felt, that this solution is built upon this motto. It took me couple of minutes to add my data and create first invoice in it. And the invoice templates where pretty nice and clean (and even more nicer with my logo in it).

But these are just wheels for turning our businesses on a more green path and that’s my mine point. If you too care, and want a simple solution, check the above link and see have it works out for you. 60 starting says all for free with all features included.

30 Jul 2012