The way to billing software in Netherlands

E-invoicing in Netherlands was common only to some sectors like Fast Moving Consumer Goods. The usage of billing software in that sector was up to 80%. In other sectors exchange with e-invoice was common only for some large enterprises. Almost none of small and medium enterprises (SME) used billing software.

Netherlands could be an example of the most liberal attitude to e-invoicing. But a lot of companies were not aware of this and that’s why didn’t use billing software in their business. However, now more and more companies discover e-invoicing.

In 2009 the Dutch state secretary of Finance opened up possibilities for e-invoice exchanging without any obstacles. E-invoice became equal to paper invoice. Company could choose channel and way for sending e-invoice. It is very convenient, because billing software could be adapted exactly to your business needs.

Electronic signature and electronic data interchange (EDI) are no more required. Nothing is obligatory for e-invoice. The only thing that is needed is good accounting system, which will help you organise and control the process of invoicing. By the way, you can find billing software with integrated accounting feature. I find it very advantageous. You can save on bookkeeper.

Exactly in the end of April e-invoicing conference is taking place in Netherlands. Conference includes a lot of interesting and useful speeches. Participants share their experience on how to adapt e-invoicing. Also some novelties in the field of billing software are presented. I would like to visit the event like this to get some useful knowledge.

25 Apr 2012